Originally appeared in Transgender Tapestry #096, Winter 2001.


by Jonathan Alexander

There is too much time spent in tracing the roughness of my own body. Put your hand away, simple one: I

know where you have been and it doesn?t matter. This is the open field of your future. You will smell it

first: crisp bread breaking on your knees, but you will not think of the past. You will take this and eat

of it. You see it and it is good. The water in the wind nourishes. It is all you need. It is becoming your

skin, your mind, the material world that inspires each and every one to be more than the flesh that pimples

their bodies with identity. You will take from every thing you see, but don?t be alarmed: nothing will

remain the same. This cosmic fucking is all about change, mutation; and it is not all cancer: and you will

regret that, at times, too. For it would be simple if everything were the same, but what then would we


Jonathan Alexander?s most recent work has appeared in Chiron Review, Sugar Mule, Blithe House Quarterly,

Lambda Book Report, and Radical Teacher. He can be reached at jamma@fuse.com.

Murder in Three Parts

by Captain Snowdon

Part One

Careful pluck of brow

Perfect curve

Purple nails with sparkles


Matching sleeveless mini- dress

Combats boots

After all this is a war

Part Two

A teenager has been bludgeoned to death in Colorado. the teen was apparently abducted from a bus stop

wearing lipstick and a dress. his body was discovered earlier today in a wooded area outside Denver...the

youth?s name has not been released

Part Three

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Captain Snowdon is a poet, performance artist, activist and street outreach counselor presently living in

Vancouver, Canada. Ze published a chapbook in 2000 entitled Offending Intimacies and has recently

completed a video poem. Ze also sporadically publishes In Transit, a genderqueer zine. Captain is

currently working on a manuscript entitled The Dildo Dialogues.