African-American Transmen Wanted For Study on US Racism

African-American Transman To Do Thesis Project on AA Transmen Experiences With RacismBrandin Dear is currently pursuing a Master's Degree at Smith College School for Social Work. For his thesis he has decided to do a project focusing on the stories of African American transmen and their experience with racism in the U.S.

"As a Black transman I am excited to pursue this topic," said Brandin. "I think it is crucial for our experiences to be heard in a respectful and consistent way, leading to a better understanding of our community for ourselves and for others. I'm contacting you because I hope you will want to participate in this project and lend your voice as representation of our community."

If you are an African American transman 18+, living and passing full time as male in all or most aspects of your life, regardless of medical intervention and want to participate, please contact him at for more information. Please note that your identity will remain confidential.