Open Letter from Fenway Community Health

March 1, 2006

Fenway Community Health would like to thank all of the
community members and clients who took time to come to our two
open forum town hall meetings and update everyone on some of the
Transgender Health initiatives we are undertaking.

In response to the town hall discussions, we have updated
our protocols, revised our front desk procedures to assure that everyone is addressed by preferred names and pronouns, and increased our presence at and participation in community events and initiatives. We are also undertaking a mental health customer satisfaction survey and invite all transgender clients receiving mental health care at Fenway to participate.

Fenway is currently running a support group for MTFs and
forming groups for FTMs and friends, families and partners of transgender people. We are also working on a resource list of trans-friendly mental health and medical facilities in the Boston area and are in the process of seeking funding to expand our health education programming for the transgender community.

We are working on ways to keep the community better informed about what is happening at Fenway, including a dedicated web page for the Transgender Health Program where we will post news, information and updates about Transgender Health services and, with your help, our communications department is looking at other ways to more effectively communicate with the community.

As a community health center, Fenway Community Health's
mission is to provide comprehensive, quality health care in a safe and respectful way. We provide primary care, hormone administration, a pharmacy, surgical follow up care, mental health and substance abuse treatment, medical social work for patients with HIV, acupuncture, massage and chiropractic care, a violence recovery program and help lines for LGBT callers. Through the Fenway Institute we also conduct health-related research, provide HIV and LGBT health education, and carry out local and national LGBT health issues advocacy.

In an effort to eliminate barriers to health care, Fenway
accepts a broad range of insurance plans, including Mass Health and Medicare. We also offer same day medical appointments. We are part of the Massachusetts free care pool and have drop-in clinics for substance abuse, HIV testing, and Hepatitis A and B and flu vaccines.

The transgender community has many significant needs that
lie outside of Fenway's mission and resources as a medical and mental health care provider, including social support groups, housing assistance, vocational and employment services and case management. While Fenway may not be able to provide all of these services, we are committed to being at the table to help problem solve and collaborate with others who may be better suited to address these needs.

Fenway continues to welcome feedback and involvement from
the transgender community. The town meetings have been very helpful and we now plan to move toward more focused kinds of community interaction.

The research department will be meeting with interested
community members to discuss future transgender health research initiatives. We are actively recruiting Fenway clients to join our consumer advisory board. And if you join our online community at, we can provide you with regular updates about what is happening at Fenway.

Fenway appreciates and depends on your continued feedback.
Please feel free to contact me at
or 617-927-6223.

Thank you.
Ellen Rottersmann, LICSW
Transgender Health Program Coordinator
Fenway Community Health