Tiffany Club of NE 26th Annual Spring Fling

Mark your calendar now for May 12 ?14, 2006 , and plan on joining the Tiffany Club of New England for three fun-filled days in one of the most open, non-judgmental communities in the world, Provincetown. Located on the tip of Cape Cod, Provincetown combines the quintessential New England fishing port with the relaxed feeling of one of the oldest artist colonies in the country.The spirit of Spring Fling is non-structured. It?s a time to get out of the closet, classroom, or meeting hall, and into an accepting society where you can interact with others in the way that you feel most comfortable. Fun, fulfillment, and growth are what Spring Fling has to offer, and all in a setting where you can stand facing the sea and feel the entire country behind you.

Many couples also join us at Spring Fling and take advantage of the safe, secure atmosphere to develop or renew a higher level of understanding, acceptance and harmony. We will be staying at the Provincetown Inn Located at 1 Commercial Street, the Provincetown Inn is on the water, and offers a private beach, outdoor pool with pool side bar, Hotel Lounge/bar with a pool table and ample free parking.

All members of the transgender community ? Crossdressers/transvestites/pre-, post, and non-op transsexuals (m2f, f2m), their families and friends, our allies and those who work on our behalf are welcome to join us. As always, participation in any Tiffany Club sponsored event requires that all attendees exercise good judgment and common sense. All attendees are expected to recognize the ambiance of the event and to protect the security and peace of mind of others. For more information check out our website or call Jonel and Wini Peterson at or call 781-891-9325 (Phone is live on Tuesday evening from 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM).