Australia bans same-sex marriage

Friday the 13th of August was a Black Friday for Civil Liberties in Oz.

With an Election looming, the Prime Minister finally got his wish and forced the Parliament, with the support of a supine Opposition, to pass the US Free Trade Agreement, an anti-terrorism bill that further increased the grounds on which citizens could be held without trial, and his pet desire; the same-sex marriage bill.The original marriage act was not in any way restrictive, and would have allowed all types of unions, but the homophobic PM and his religious allies have inserted the phrase "between a Man and a Woman".

Of course the definition of Man and Woman are subject to interpretation, but have no illusion about what this means for same-sex couples; we are inferior, and have no legal rights.

The local LGBTI communities have been protesting and marching, and this may help some of the minor political parties, such as the Greens and Democrats, who have been vigorously supporting our community, but it doesn't look good.

Homophobia is alive and well, and kicking holes in the wall in Australia.