Norma's Voice

I am a transgender. I have lived a life of 72 years as a woman in the body of a man. Norma?s Voice is the story of that life.

Norma's Voice
Memoir Synopsis:

This memoir begins before I existed. It covers both the profound agony and the wild comedy of living in a perpetual state of gender fluidity. The memoir dwells on my early childhood, my marriage of 24 years to a wonderful woman, her death, the ?death? of my male identity, and the final birth of my womanhood.

The memoir spends some time ruminating on existential matters, in a manner which illuminates the curious way a transgender person relates to self; to family; to men, women and all humanity; to God; and to the cosmos.

A theme runs throughout: The intense need for Norma to scream, and her inability to do so, because she had no voice. Hence the title. The memoir ends with Norma finding her voice at last, and in so doing, finds that she no longer is driven to scream.