Transgender Tapestry 109 Fall 2005

TG Tapestry 109

Transgender Tapestry 109 Fall 2005 Table of Contents

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  • The Virginia Prince Lifetime Contribution Award - The
    transgender community's most prestigious award

  • Living to Tell And Telling to Live - Nancy Nangeroni
    - The perilous Journey of this year's Virginia Prince Award

  • An Interview With Nancy and Gordene - Nancy Nangeroni
    and Gordene MacKenzie Talk to Tapestry

  • The Trinity Awards - Meet this year's winners!
  • A Call To Arms -Venessa Edwards Foster - Let's
    put our money where our mouth is

  • Trans Mission - Sean Bugg - What has Mara Kiesling
    been up to?

  • Partners in Diversity Award - And the winner is...
    Dell Computers!

  • Deep In The Heart of Texas - Donna Rose - One transwoman's
    experience at Dell

  • TSELF Awards - Providing financial support for
    students of gender studies

  • The IFGE Rainbow award - NGLTF and Matt Foreman
    have been chanpions of diversity


  • Transitioning At Work - Stasha Goliaszewski - Some
    TS workplace policies are just plain bad!

  • No Longer a Victim - Phyllis Randolf Frye. - After
    her defeat in the courts, Christie Lee Littleton has found new

  • A Death and a Homecoming - Monica F. Helms - Sometimes
    you have to lose something to gain something

  • Can a Woman Be a Man On Screen? - Denise Noe - A
    look at male impersonation on film


  • Sean Dorsey - Petra Voorman - Changing the face
    of modern dance

  • Cassandra Cass - A new kind of pin-up girl


  • Why?? - Sarah Anne Thompson


  • And That's the Way It IS - Monica F. Helms
  • Ask Ari - Arlene Istar Lev
  • Fantasy Girl vs. Reality Woman - Miqqi Alicia Gilbert
  • Counseling Our Youth - Judy Osborne