Transgender Tapestry 081 WINTER 1997

TG Tapestry 1X081
Transgender Tapestry 081 WINTER 1997 Table of Contents

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* DEAR GIANNA: Letters from TGs - Gianna Eveling Israel
* IT'S TIME FOR YOUR MEDICINE: Standards of Care - Sheila Kirk, MD
* LEGAL BRIEFS: National TG Lobby Days - Dana Priesing, JD
* TRANSACTIONS: News and Notes from the Gender Frontier - Nancy R. Nangeroni
* F2M: The Little Boy's Room - R. Scott Gerdes
* MAN IN THE RED VELVET DRESS: How Far We've Come - J.J. Allen
* SPOUSES AND SIGNIFICANT OTHERS: Who's Really from Venus? - Peggy Rudd, EdD
* LAST WORD: Do No Harm - Alison Laing


* WHAT IS IFGE? About the International Foundation for Gender Education
* CALENDAR OF TG EVENTS: Conventions and Conferences
* DIRECTORY OF TG ORGANIZATIONS: Local, National and International Institutes and Support Groups
* DIRECTORY OF HELPING PROFESSIONALS: TG-Supportive Physicians and Psychotherapists Nationwide
* TRANSCRIPTIONS: Letters from Our Readers
* DR. KIRK's SURVEYS: Your Participation Requested


* INTERVIEW: Riki Ann Witchins
* NATIONAL GENDER LOBBY DAYS '97: Up Close and Personal - Nancy Nangeroni
* IT'S ONLY NATURAL: Fiction - Raven Kaldera
* WHEN CROSSDRESSING IS A CRIME: And What You Can Do About It - Chris DiEdoardo
* TRANSGENDER IN EUROPE: A Survey - Ari Van Der Ven Bowman
* SCIENTISTS EXAMINE THE INVISIBLE TRANS: Cartoon - Scott Gerdes and Jean Marie Stine
* LEGAL GENDER CHANGE WITHOUT SURGERY: The Final Frontier - R. Scott Gerdes
* MY LIFE IN FILM: The Making of What Sex Am I?, Transexual Menace and Other Documentaries - Mariette Pathy Allen
* A BETTER MAN AS A WOMAN: Love and the Partners of Crossdressers - Monica Jay
* TURNING POINTS: Rosie and Me and Mom's Closet Makes Three - Rachael Miller
* THAT'S LAURIE. SHE'S MY CHAPLAIN!: Reflections of a TG Chaplain - Lauie Jean Auffant


* THE CLUB: Cartoon - Gina Kamensky and Jonel Peterson
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