Scholarships Available for Fantasia Fair 2008

The Fantasia Fair Planning Committee will be awarding several scholarships to the 34th annual Fantasia Fair in historic Provincetown, Massachusetts from October 19 through October 26, 2008.

Recipients awarded full scholarships will receive free tuition to the Fair, including all seminars, workshops, and events, daily lunches, and shared room accommodations for seven nights. Partial scholarships are also available as well as the "Dottie Laing Scholarship" for couples with a transgender partner.

"Even though we have been able to keep our conference affordable to many, the downturn in the economy has kept the Fair out of reach of some" said Fair Director Miqqi Alicia Gilbert, Ph.D. "These scholarships make it possible for some to attend our conference who couldn't otherwise afford to come."

Dr. Gilbert continues, "These awards are just one way we help the community. Scholarship recipients learn things at Fantasia Fair and the go back to their local communities to share what they learned. These people can and do make a difference."

Scholarships are open to those who demonstrate financial need, regardless of their age or gender. Applicants should submit a statement of financial need and a letter explaining why they want to attend Fantasia Fair. The Fantasia Fair Planning Committee will select all scholarship recipients.

Eligibility Requirements:

* Age over 18 (or parental permission if under 18)

* Demonstrated financial need (applications will be considered on an individual basis)

* Submission of a "Why I Want to Come to Fantasia Fair" letter

* Receipt of materials by July 31, 2008

* Fantasia Fair Planning Committee Members and their families are not eligible for scholarships

Rules for Scholarship Awards

1) Submit a letter entitled "Why I Want to Come to Fantasia Fair." There are no limitations for length or style. You can be creative just as long as you are convincing

2) Submit a letter, note, or other materials demonstrating your financial need; in other words, tell the committee how your financial situation prevents you from coming to Fantasia Fair.

3) Applicants under 18 years of age must include a document giving parental consent

4) Following the July 31 deadline, the Fantasia Fair Planning Committee will evaluate all submissions. Awards will be given to the candidates who, in the judgment of the Committee, most convincingly demonstrate their desire to attend Fantasia Fair.

5) Contest winners will be notified on or about August 15, 2008

6) In the event that a winner is not able to attend Fantasia Fair or declines the scholarship, the first runner-up will be notified immediately

Please submit your materials by the July 31 deadline to:


Fantasia Fair

P.O. Box 126

Pinole, CA 94564

When you submit your materials, please make sure to include a postal address, email address, or phone number for the Fantasia Fair Planning Committee to use to contact you. If you provide a phone number, please mention what name to ask for.

Additional details about the Fantasia Fair conference and the scholarships available can be found at Anyone interested in contributing to a scholarship fund are encourage to contact the conference organizers.