The IFGE Synchronicity Bookstore is proud to announce that we are now stocking Dena? Doyle's series of instrutional DVD's on Sensual Feminine Movement.

The IFGE Synchronicity Bookstore

is proud to announce that we are now stocking Denaë Doyle's
series of instrutional DVD's on Sensual Feminine Movement. Denaë
Doyle was recently interviewd by the San Francisco Chronicle,
read all about it here

TARGET="_blank">THE ART OF TRANSFORMATION: Denaë Doyle guides
clients on the path to new identities.

Meghan Laslocky, Special to

The Chronicle Sunday, December 18, 2005


Feminine Movement (Vol 1)

Basics Instructional Video on DVD

BY Denaë Doyle

(DVD Format)

Denaë Doyle Productions

This Feminine Movement and Poise introductory video
is geared towards the transgendered woman who wants to improve
her image or redefine herself from "man in a dress"
to "truly feminine".

Taught by Denae Doyle, internationally acclaimed femininity
coach, this video provides nearly an hour of professionally produced
instruction with hints and how-to's to improve your feminine image
and movement. Included are detailed lessons in:

* Feminine body language that says "Female!"

* Feminine stance and posture.

* Feminine ways to walk. How to create a walk for casual, business,
and formal wear.

* The correct way to put your coat on and off.

* The ladylike ways to carry your handbag and clutch bag.

* The graceful way models glide up and down stairs.

* and much much more...

Having developed unique techniques to train the TG woman overcome
the obstacles they may stumble upon, Denae has successfully trained
hundreds of TG women to move and have a more feminine body language
and carriage.

Denae, who recently appeared in the TBS reality show "He's
A Lady" as well as the Discovery Channel's documentary on
TG Women, can now personally help you to begin creating your own
unique feminine image. With just a DVD player (NTSC), or personal
computer with DVD drive, you can have a private consultation with
Denae Doyle in the privacy of your own home.



Feminine Movement (Vol 2)

Advanced Instructional Video on DVD

BY Denaë Doyle

(DVD Format)

Denaë Doyle Productions

This newly released (2005) Advanced Vol 2 video, is
ideal for the Transgendered women who has already learned and
attained the basic techniques of standing, walking and sitting,
taught in Vol I, Basic.

In this new "How To" video for the TG woman,
Denae will demonstrate her advanced sensual technique for movement--
Integrated Movement plus new demonstrations taught in her outside
coaching consultations!

* Integrated Movement will help you learn to move ultra feminine
and graceful.

* Integrated Movement used while putting a coat on and off to
look truly lady like.

* How to swing your hips like professional models-- using ankle

* Demonstrates the correct way for women to get in and out of
two door & four door cars.

* How to be poised while being seated at a restaurant table by
an escort.

* Two techniques for entering and leaving a room (Doors).

* How to slide a coat on and off, with an escorts help.

* Sensual Hand Movement



As A Woman:

Feminine Head, Shoulder, Torso, and Hand Movement

(Part 1 of Vol III)

BY Denaë Doyle

(DVD Format) Denaë Doyle Productions


* This new DVD includes 40 minutes of a one on one session
with Denae Doyle, demonstrating how to move your head, shoulders,
hands, and torso in a more feminine way--while speaking and while
listening to others--as a woman.


About Denaë

Denaë Doyle is a highly trained professional woman who
has successfully coached women in self improvement, modeling and
pageantry. Denaë has also been a successful model and pageant
winner, and is co-founder and director of her own modeling school.
She brings years of experience in teaching femininity to thousands
of genetic females.

Denaë is one of the few genetic females now specializing
in the needs of the transgendered community. No one else has the
previous experience and expertise that is now available to the
transgendered woman! Her unique teaching approach helps achieve
the feminine image that is so essential to the success of the
TG woman. Denaë specializes in empowering TG women to achieve
happiness and self-esteem by empowering each TG women to begin
loving and integrating the feminine side of their soul. Denaë
works with gender therapists in several cities, who highly recommend
her to their new clients that are beginning their one-year Real
Life Test and the Serious Cross Dresser. She also speaks at gender
conventions and is loved by her clients. Denaë is not a transformation
service, she is an advocate for our community and created the
FemImage web site which offers a wealth of resource information
to the TG community.

Denaë works with each new TG woman in private one on one
consults, covering all the important areas she see's may be giving
you away. Once this is achieved, Denae escorts you into some of
the finest retail clothing stores (such as Macy's and Nordstrom's)
to select clothing and makeup that fits your personality and life
style. Next, she will schedule you into the finest wig salon in
San Francisco, CA, and help you select a wig that is very natural
and of good quality. After working with Denae you will achieve
both the poise needed and the highest quality clothing, makeup
and wigs available for your lifestyle and budget. Voice is also
a very important part of the training module.

Denaë is recommended by Dr. Mildred Brown, author of "True
Selves", and world renown authority in the field of the Transgendered
in the San Francisco Bay Area. Denaë has successfully trained
Dr. Brown’s transgender clients, and several other gender
therapist and gender centers, proving the importance of her work.
Denaë radiates with natural genetic femininity as well as
inner warmth, strength and beauty.

FemImage trains you to be the most beautiful woman you can
possibly be. With hard work, a TG woman will have a totally new
professional image and feel confidence knowing they have the best
possible quality in clothing, wigs, cosmetics and poise. Denaë's
private one on one private consults are tailored to your personal
needs. Denaë video tapes all your consults so that you may
review them in the privacy of your home. Consults are currently
available in the Northern California area.