Candy Scott

Originally appeared in Transgender Tapestry #99, Fall 2002.

We?ll All Miss Her

by Nancy Cain

I remember meeting Candy Scott in the fall of 1994 at one of the Innvestments meetings in Hyannis, Massachusetts. She spotted me as a newcomer and immediately latched on to me. She wanted to know all about me. I was flattered.
I had the privilege of participating in my very first fashion show at the 1994 Christmas on the Cape party. Candy was the ?Mistress of Ceremonies.? Carolann Gillard ran the fashion show with Lady Di. I was nervous about performing, but Candy said to me, ?Just get out there and do it!?

Candy was always telling bad jokes, and by that I mean real ?groaners.? So I was constantly challenged to come up with one to tell her that she had never heard (no easy feat).

Candy supported other trans-groups in the area. She would be seen at the Tiffany Club of New England?s First Event and at Fantasia Fair. We developed a relationship in the trans-community and talked constantly. We did not always see eye-to-eye, but she would always listen to my side. I respected her insight and advice.

Candy was always willing to help. She was an asset to the community. Even when her health was failing, she was still active.

Candy passed away on the evening of May 28, 2002. I miss her. We will all miss her.

A Sad Farewell

by Joan Hoff

We all lost a great friend when Candy Scott, the long time President of Innvestments of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, passed away in May of this year, after a long bout with lung cancer. She was 67 years of age.

Candy?s talents as an organizer and achiever were immediately recognized at the very first meeting of Innvestments (Inn from meeting at a hotel, Vestments from clothing, a special type) held at the Holiday Inn in Hyannis in April 1992. She was elected President by the dozen or so other attendees even though she was not instrumental in forming the group, nor was she known to them. It proved to be an excellent choice.

As an aside; a humorous incident, in hindsight, occurred at this meeting. The greatest fear many of us have is to meet someone we know at a meeting. She met the Operations Sergeant on her staff. She was a Colonel at the nearby Air Force Base.

Candy Scott devoted her unbounded energies to developing the club and providing direction to the fledgling organization. Not only was the group to be social in nature, it was to be devoted both to helping its members through difficult personal situations and applying makeup and combing wigs.

Candy?s vision also extended beyond the confines of hotel room. Through Candy?s efforts, Innvestments members became involved with community activities, primarily the Samaritans, a suicide prevention and counseling organization.

Social activities, however, were not ignored. Candy was a prime mover in hosting Innvestments? annual Christmas on the Cape party. This function is known for its excellent live entertainment, superb dining, renowned speakers, and a member participating Fashion Show. It is now must-go-to event in New England.

Candy was laid to rest at the military cemetery at Otis Air Force Base.

Thanks Candy. You did a great job. We?re going miss you.