Should the Elderly Transgendered Come out of The Closet?

Probably one of the most suffering "groups" with-in the transgendered community, or at least belonging to the transgender community, is the elderly TG's. Just my opinion folks!

In the early "good ole" days of the 1920's through the 1950's, before the sexual revolution of the 60's-70's, it was a time of "we don't talk about these things". I know for myself, as a MTF transsexual, growing up was like being from an upside-down land. When I was young I wanted dolls, they gave me construction toys : At Easter I wanted a pretty dress, they gave me a suit and a tie: I wanted my hair long, I got a crew cut: In my teens I wanted makeup, I got old spice and a shaving kit: When I got married I wanted to take the love in, but I had to put it in: When I fathered a wonderful child, I wanted to be the one to carry the child. UPSIDE-DOWN!

And now, turning 60 years old, after a year of wonderful therapy, I venture out of my mental closet from time to time, only to hear my friends and family saying"why now?" You have handled this all you life, can't you just stay the way you are? In a way, the point they make is valid. At my age, by the time I get to where I should have been, It will be "time to leave". Is it not better to have just a moment of happyness, than a lifetime of regrets? I have met quite a few younger TG's through therapy and it seems they have grown up in a time that's a little more open to discussions of gender and sexual preference, and I think therefore have a better awareness of their own feelings, and less likely to be in denial, as most of us older TG's have been most of our lives. Come out, come out, where-ever you are! We elderly deserve a moment of SELF, and a moment of happyness.

Ronnie Ann.