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Cross Purposes:
On Being Christian and Crossgendered

Vanessa S.

1996, Sullivan Press

93 Pages plus Notes

From the First Chapter

There are those persons who discover themselves marginalized and/or discriminated against, at some point and for some reason, by the larger Christian community. . . . I certainly recognize that the subject matter of this book is anxiety-provoking and highly controversial within cultural (and certainly within mainstream Christian) circles. . . . Whenever someone calls for something as profoundly upsetting to the status quo as a genuine transformation in attitudes and actions within our religious institutions there is bound to be controversy, and I fully understand that this book's emphasis on being Christian and crossgendered is not "business as usual" for most persons with the church.  It is interesting and rather telling to note, however, that my role model, Jesus Christ, was Himself an incredibly controversial figure within the social, political and religious spheres of Israel during His life (not that I would ever  arrogantly presume to compare myself to Jesus, my Savior, in any way - I simply desire to point out the similarities with regard to the subject of controversy that exist herein).

Table of Contents

  1. Finding A Voice
  2. Misconceptions Versus Truths
  3. The Shaping of Our Individual and Collective Theology
  4. The Fundamentalist Factor
  5. A Christian Attitude
  6. My Own Beginnings
  7. Complexities And Conflicts
  8. Coming To Terms
  9. The Way I See It

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