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Legal Aspects of Transsexualism

Sr. Mary Elizabeth, SSE

1990, Educational Resources Publication

61 Pages

From the Foreword

Everyone who sets out on the arduous and uncertain journey toward sex change bumps into legal questions, usually by the bushel. . . . Where, then can you turn for guidance on this route?

There could be no happier answer to that question than the little book you are now holding in your hands, which has been thoroughly revised and updated almost to the moment of publication.  Its author, Sr. Mary Elizabeth, is without doubt one of the nation's most knowledgeable experts on the  subject.  In this legal primer for transsexuals she has clarified and compressed an astonishing amount of helpful information.  From A (for Armed Services) to V (for Vocational Rehabilitation), you will find precisely the directions you need for the dozens of situations you may face in your daily living - changing your name, coping with discriminations on the job, handling yourself during a police interrogation when you are cross-dressed, to mention a few.

[This] is a book of straight answers.  Here you will learn what's legal, what's illegal and what lies in the gray area between.  Here you will find an abundance of tips and caveats to help you chart your way through the legal jungle, along with clear directions on how and where to obtain further specifics.

Table of Contents

ARMED SERVICES - Introduction / Appointment, Enlistment, & Induction / Discharge, Dismissal, & Separation / Boards for the Review of Discharges or Dismissals / Boards for the Correction of Military or Naval Records / Judicial Response

CIVIL RIGHTS - Title VII - Civil Rights Act of 1964 / Judicial Response

CRIMINAL LAW - Cross-dressing / Imprisonment

FAMILY LAW - Child Custody / Divorce / Marriage

HEALTH INSURANCE - Introduction / Judicial Response / Public Agency - Private Companies Response (CHAMPUS, MEDICARE, Private Companies)

IDENTITY and IDENTIFICATION - Birth Certificates / Drivers' Licenses / Educational Records / Income Taxes / Military Records / Name Change / Occupational Licenses / Passports




Readers' Comments


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Shawn Mull  smull@ionia-mi.net

I have read several books that have provided me with a lot of useful information, but I must say that this particular book has given me more practical information on establishing a good legal platform to work from. It was the source of information for a lot of the information I got for my attorney. I checked out nine of the cases cited in the book at the local college law library and was quite happy to find out they were all still good case law (not reversed or overturned). I recommend anyone involved in any type of litigation to get this book and study it throughly.