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Queen's Champion:
The Legend of Lancelot Retold

Cris Newport

1997, Pride Publications

248 Pages

From the Cover

I would never be able to tell Guinevere how deep my love was for her.   Neither touch nor words would ever be enough.  Not all the light in the night sky, not all the fires that have ever burned in lovers' hearts since time began.  And as I looked at her, I think she knew that.  Perhaps she felt the same way.  I hoped she did.

But one thing was certain:  we both knew we'd been moving toward this moment since the day almost twenty years ago when I'd first set eyes on the woman I would love forever.  We had been moving toward each other since birth or maybe even longer.  We were strands of starlight woven together and we could not have untangled ourselves even if we'd wanted to.

No other legend has captured the imagination of readers as completely as that of Lancelot, Guinevere and King Arthur.  Now, enter a realm at once familiar and complete new.

Britain in the late 400s was a land in transition.  With the Romans gone and the traditional pagan ways slowly being replaced by Christianity, a clan leader arose to unite the warring factions against the Saxon threat.  This is Arthur's world.  And in this world, Lancelot, raised by the Lady of the Lake, is not one of Arthur's chosen knights but the consummate outsider: pagan in a Christian court, the Queen's champion sworn to protect her against all harm.  When harm does come - it's in the form of a betrayal so insidious it shakes the foundation of the kingdom and threatens to expose a secret that Lancelot must hide at all costs.

Drawing on the little-known legends of the false Guinevere and Lancelot's trials at arms, Queen's Champion: The Legend of Lancelot Retold, the second book in the From the Lion Fairytale Series, is a vibrant new look at the Arthurian tales, a work alive with passion, promise and a love that transcends time.

"For many years I have enjoyed the Arthurian legends in print as well as in movies.  These stories have always remained similar in context, but Queen's Champion adds a little more.  Here you see Lancelot as a child learning the ways of combat, the ways of life and the many struggles that accompany both.  The splendid descriptions of settings as well as of the characters helped me visualize them quickly and clearly.  Those who enjoy reading legendary 'what-if' stories as I do will find Queen's Champion rich and entertaining." - Ron Rousselle II

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