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Wives, Partners And Others:
Living with Cross-Dressing
$10.00 $8.00

Wives, Partners And Others:
Living with Cross-Dressing

Jan & Diane Dixon (Eds.)
1991, Educational Resources
180 Pages

From the Introduction

It is difficult enough to maintain a relationship in today's "throw-away" society. We're all familiar with the statistics on divorce. When problems occur in a relationship, it often appears to be easier to walk away from them and dissolve the relationship than it is to try to solve them. The normal complications of any relationship like finances, children, relatives, sexual compatibility, etc. cause strains which can result in the dissolution of that relationship.

Cross-dressing adds an even more dramatic complication. Often the cross-dresser does not understand his/her own situation, and does not discuss it with the partner early in the relationship. This can only cause resentments and mistrust when the issue is finally uncovered. The cross-dresser often tries to ignore the situation hoping that, in time, it will go away. Unfortunately, in most cases it will not.

For wives whose husbands take on a new persona in the femme role, what is her relationship to that third person? Are they "girlfriends" or rivals? Acquaintances or enemies? When her husband uses cross-dressing for a sexual experience, how does she view that? Does she become involved by sharing actively in the sexual experience and making it a part of the couple's sexual experience together? Or does she ignore it, telling her husband that she never wants to see or hear of this "perversion", and certainly doesn't want any involvement in it.

... This book contains articles, letters, hints and speeches as well as some of the most frequently asked questions and the answers given on one specific occasion. Contributors include cross-dressers, spouses or partners, professionals and others involved in the "community."

Table of Contents


* Your Wife, Should You Tell Her? - Carol Taylor
* How to Tell Your Wife - Jane Ellen Fairfax
* The TV's Wife - Heather Peerson
* Introducing My Wife to BE ALL '90 - Nancy C.
* Why Communication and Healing are So Important - Irene
* Telling the Children - Joy
* Shall I Tell the Kids? - Robyn G


* Wife on a Roller-Coaster Ride - I.M. Hopeful
* An Open Letter to Distressed Wives of Cross-Dressers - Vanessa Sims
* A Wife's Closet - Shirley Kay
* He / She - We and They - Partners of Transvestites Cross-Dressing from a Career Woman's Viewpoint - K.J. Moore
* A Married Transvestite is Never Alone - K.J. Moore
* Response to K.J. Moore's Editorial #55 - Roz G.
* Remarks from the Wife of a Cross-Dresser - Donna's Wife
* Couples - Lynda Frank
* The Issue of Respect - Mary
* A Domestic Dialogue - Robyn G.
* Go Slow and Don't Push - Robyn G.
* Some Considerations on a Wife's Acceptance of her Husband's Cross-Dressing Behaviors - Rosalyn G.
* A Wife's Experience at Fantasia Fair - Flo N
* Learning to Live with Transvestism


* The Married Transvestite - Louise Y.
* Your Wife's Rights - Helen Thordsen
* The Wedding of Kevin and Renee - Renee Chevalier
* Editorial - Merissa Sherrill Lynn
* Stress on the Significant Other - Carol Y.
* Why Do You Participate? - Marilyn Frank
* ATTN.: Wives / Significant Others - A Woman's Place is in Tri-ESS - Shirley Kay


* Women Married to Transvestites - Thomas S. Weinberg and Vern L. Bullough
* Stages of Resolution with Spouses - Tomye Kelley, M.A.
* To Have and to Hold - Roger E. Peo, Ph.D.
* Wives of Cross-Dressers - Isolated and Misunderstood - Roger E. Peo, Ph.D.
* On Wives' Support Groups - Roger E. Peo, Ph.D.
* TV Relationships - Leah C. Schaefer
* Questions Asked By Wives and Mates of Cross-Dressers - Renee Chevalier and Merissa Sherrill Lynn


* Editorial - Merissa Sherrill Lynn
* A Message to All TS's - Whatever Stage - and Their Loved Ones - The Spouse of A Transsexual
* How I See It - The 15-Year-Old Daughter of A Transvestite
* Thoughts of A Mother - Jeanne Ebner

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Living with Cross-Dressing
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