Legislators of the Day: North Dakota's Conrad, Dorgan and Pomeroy

North Dakota is a key state in the fight for ENDA.

There are three votes in play here. Please call them today to ask for their support. Facts and contact info after the jump.

Senator Kent Conrad
Senator Byron Dorgan
Representative Earl Pomeroy

Senator Kent Conrad is a Democrat who previously voted for the hate crimes bill. According to Wikipedia, Conrad has a mixed record on gay rights. While he personally is opposed to gay marriage, he voted against a proposed constitutional ban on the matter and has supported bills that prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation. Call him at 701-258-4648 to support S1584.

Senator Byron Dorgan
is a Democrat who has previously cosponsored a bill that inclusides the language of sexual orientation. Co-sponsorship suggests a higher level of support He also voted for the hate crimes bill. According to Wikipedia, As chairman of the Democratic Policy Committee, Dorgan is one of the most powerful Democrats in the Senate. He recently sent a letter to a constituent stating his support for sexual orientation discrimination protections, but said nothing about gender identity. Does he support an inclusive ENDA? Find out. Call him at 701-250-4618 to support S1584.

Representative Earl Pomeroy is a Blue Dog Democrat. However, he voted yes on the hate crimes bill and voted yes on ENDA in 2007. Call him at 701-224-0355 to support HR 3017.

Please list any info you get in the comments section below. We need to know where these three are on ENDA.

If you want to see info on the ENDA target list for the Senate, click here.