Transgender Tapestry

Where You Can Find It

What follows is a partial listing of the bookstores where you can find Transgender Tapestry magazine. The actual number of bookstores and newsstands where it is sold is far greater; this is only a representative listing. We will add to this list as the information becomes available to us. We are currently adding outlets as fast as we can.

Listed alphabetically by state/country

Store City State
Barnes & Nobles Various Many
Borders Various Many
Zorba's Adult Shop Scottsdale AZ
Crowning Glory Wigs San Diego CA
Foxy Lady Boutique San Francisco CA
Lydia's TV Fashions Sherman Oaks CA
Mag's Inc Sherman Oaks CA
Mustang Books Upland CA
Nighty's & Naughty's Fountain Valley CA
The Fetish Kingdom San Francisco CA
Versitle Productions Orange CA
Take A Walk On The Wildside Toronto,Ontario CN
Vancouver Video Swap Vancouver, BC CN
Lambda Rising Washington DC
Baubles By Leigh/Ritzy Rags Orlando FL
Manna Reading Center Fort Myers FL
Translucere Chicago IL
Mothers Wichita KS
Chosen Books Royal Oak MI
Uptown Bookstore #1 Highland Park MI
Left Bank Books St Louis MO
Rental Entertainment St Louis MO
Downtown Book and News Ashville NC
Sisters & Brothers Albuqerque NM
Get Booked Las Vegas NV
Rochester Custom Leathers Rochester NY
Pink Pyramid Cincinnati OH
Edward's Bookstore Philadelphia PA
Carousel Books Nashville TN
Webb Forest Newsstand Dallas TX
Fashion Fantasy Manassas VA
Elfkins Barre VT
Beyond The Closet Bookstore Seattle WA
Loveseason Lynnwood WA