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Issue 101, Spring 2003

Current Issue:

Transgender Tapestry Magazine

101th Issue!

Jessica Xavier, Jamison Green, Monica Helms, and many more contibutors!

This SPECIAL EDUCATION Issue features a Tear-Out "Transgender 101"
section—an excellent, easy-to-follow launching-off point for those unfamiliar
with Gender Diversity, Transgenderism, or Transsexualism.

Families, Caregivers, Policy-makers, Lawyers, and anyone else who
wishes to know more about Transgenderism from one of the
most trusted informational sources in the world today.

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Tel: (781) 899-2212
Fax: (781) 899-5703
Mail: IFGE, P.O.Box 540229,
Waltham, Ma 02454-0229

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