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Phallus Palace

The Phallus Palace: Female to Male Transsexuals
by Dean Kotula


The Phallus Palace is a bold approach to the subject of female to male transexuals (FTMs). Personal testaments from FTMs and contributions from a host of others place the subject of transsexualism into a historical, medical,psychological and cultural context. Captivating photographs guide the reader from the FTMs female personae, through surgical operations, to portraits of the men whose self and public identities are finally revealed as one--Amazon.com

Christine Jorgensen : A Personal Autobiography
by Christine Jorgensen, Susan Stryker (Introduction)


This handsome reprint of Jorgensen's 1967 memoir makes it abundantly clear how moments of grace can descend on even the most ordinary of lives. When ex-G.I. George Jorgensen went to Copenhagen in the early 1950s to consult experts in sexual deviance, he was afraid they'd simply proclaim him a fairy. A full battery of hormonal and psychological tests revealed that, while he was drawn to men, he was no garden-variety homophile; he was a lady. Keeping the secret from his family, Jorgensen endured a groundbreaking series of operations, finally emerging in November 1952 as a delicately beautiful young woman. "I merely wanted to correct what I considered a misjudgment of Nature," wrote Jorgensen, who died in 1989. No one seeing the photographs included here (many of them new to this edition) can doubt the success of Jorgensen's transformation or wonder too long at the fascination she engendered back home, where a newspaper bought her story for $20,000 and she was proclaimed New York City's Woman of the Year. A stage and screen career soon followed. As Susan Stryker points out in a new introduction, Jorgensen offers a somewhat flattering and selectively abridged account of herself in the autobiography, but no more so than any plucky girl smiling her way through what must have been, at times, a harrowing and lonely journey, but one that she conducted with remarkable dignity --Regina Marler, Amazon.com

Christine Jorgensen
Face Forward

Face Forward
by Kevin Aucoin


Conceived as an exploration of the past, present, and future of beauty, Face Forward is an ingenious showcase of the transformative, creative possibilities of makeup, with portraits of everyone from Julia Roberts to Sharon Stone, Martha Stewart to his mother, Thelma. His crafted visages range from minimal-application makeovers of friends to elaborate re-creations of such Hollywood icons as Audrey Hepburn (Calista Flockhart), James Dean (Gwyneth Paltrow), and Veronica Lake (shockingly, Martha Stewart) and such pop-culture personalities as Cher (socialite Alexandra von Furstenberg) and Siouxsie Sioux (Winona Ryder). The final pages present his ideas for looks to come, such as "Explorer," Mary J. Blige covered in eggplant body makeup with a rainbow of metallic eye shadows over her eyes and thickly glossed red lips; "Floralia," a freckled Lucy Liu resembling a sprite from A Midsummer's Night Dream; and "Venusian de Milo," Sharon Stone as an orange-haired, one-breast-baring sci-fi femme fatale. Throughout, Aucoin augments an already colorful book with step-by-step instruction, chatty commentary on each look and model, and riffs on such topics as friendship, politics (he repeatedly applauds the Clinton Administration for embracing diversity in the '90s), and the environment --Amazon.com

Transgender Care: Recommended Guidelines, Practical Information, and Personal Accounts

by Gianna E. Israel, Joy Diane, M.D. Shaffer, Donald E., II, M.D. Tarver, Diane Shaffer


The title tells pretty much what this groundbreaking anthology offers: a comprehensive distillation of personal experiences and professional wisdom -- Feminist Bookstore News

Transgender Care
Sex Changes

Sex Changes
by Pat Califia


Common sense has dictated that there are two genders--female and male. But this perspective is becoming less accepted and making less sense for many people. Pat Califia's Sex Changes is a frank, forthright, and sometimes funny challenge to the traditional ideas about gender and sexuality. Transgenderism is the term used to describe people who feel they belong to both, or neither, traditional genders. Califia--a vocal sex radical as well as a therapist--explores the worlds of biology, sociology, psychology, and politics and comes to the conclusion that life and personal experience is far more complicated than most people believe and that the simple two-gender system most people accept is more harmful that helpful. Clear-headed writing and enormous empathy for everyone who exists outside of "the norm" make Sex Changes challenging and vital reading -- Amazon.com

The Tranny Guide - Ninth Edition
by Way Out Publishing (2001)


This edition with nearly 300 pages, aims to excite, inspire, comfort, and spread awareness of the global nature of the transgender phenomena in all its forms. This book is densely packed with unique, helpful, and thought provoking articles together with over 1000 pictures. Many beautifully presented "Personal Reports" from all around the world are accompanied by over 1000 fully researched listings of Shops, Services, and Places To Go. Within this edition is another book, "The Way Out of the Closet" with 60 pages of help and advice for trannies and partners who want to get the most from the tranny experience and for those that just want to understand more about it. 

The Tranny Guide
Trans Forming Families

Trans Forming Families
Real Stories About Transgendered Loved Ones
by Mary Boenke, Editor


Thirty-one trye stories by brave and loving mothers, fathers, spouses and partners, grandparents, adult children, siblings and friends about their struggle to understand, accept and keep on loving their transgendered family members. Includes stories about gender-variant children, FTM, and MTF transsexuals, cross-dressers, and intersexed folks. Predicted to be a best-seller in the trans community and a great help toward family acceptance. Glossary, trans-family reading list, and current national trans organizations. 

Transsexual Workers - An Employer's Guide by Janis Walworth, MS


This clear and concise book answers the questions we have heard employers ask time and time again. it offers reasonable solutions to common problems transitioning people can have in the workplace and provides may suggestions to help employers move their staff smoothly through this experience. Transsexual Workers provides the anxious and gender nonsophisticated employer with a practical and pragmatic road map with which to begin collaboration with his or her transgendered employee. 

Transsexual Workers

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