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The Bliss of Becoming One!
Integrating "Feminine" Feelings Into the Male Psyche

Rachael Miller

1996, Rainbow Books

110 Pages

From the Cover

"Rachael Miller" is a heterosexual, married man with a high-paying job in a prestigious company.  IN every way, he is a respected member of the community.   You would never guess that he is a transvestite.  He hid that fact due to shame and fear or rejection.  Society tells such men that there is something wrong with them.  They suppress their true selves and live in anguish and isolation.   In desperation, Rachel began a quest for relief that led to the discovery of the truth about himself and other transvestites.  This book -

  • Dispels the myths surrounding transvestites,
  • Encourages transvestites to integrate their feminine and masculine traits,
  • Advocates transvestites joining mainstream society
  • Promotes emotional health, wholeness and unity for transvestites by
    • Understanding themselves better,
    • Accepting what they find,
    • Sharing what they learn with loved ones, and
    • Helping others in the community.

Unless you live alone in a cave, one of your closest friends is a transvestite who is dying inside because he can't tell you.  This book will help him find the courage to tell you, and help you find the insight to accept him as he really is.

Table of Contents

  1. The Hook
  2. What If
  3. But
  4. Why Not?
  5. Understanding Sexuality
  6. Understanding Emotions
  7. We Can Make Changes
  8. How?
  9. Acceptance
  10. Share
  11. Help
  12. Educate
  13. The Beginning

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