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Over 70 carefully selected books on transgenderism and gender, crossdressing, transsexualism, and related topics.

History, Sociology, Politics - Crossdressing - Transsexualism - Relationships
Spirituality  - Medical, Legal, Workplace, Church - Photography  - Fiction and Poetry  - Audio and Video

Item #

Book Title

Price Status
History, Sociology, Politics, etc.
921 Social Services with Transgendered Youth NEW! Gerard P. Mallon DSW (Ed.) 19.95 IN
119 Brain Sex: The Real Difference Between Men and Women Anne Moir and David Jessel 13.95 IN
184 Confessions of a Gender Defender Randi Ettner 14.95 IN
157 Drag: A History of Female Impersonation in the Performing Arts Roger Baker 15.95 IN
451 Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual / Transgendered Public Policy Issues Wallace K. Swan, DPA (Ed.) 14.95 IN
34 Gender Blending Holly Devor 14.95 IN
189 Gender Outlaw Kate Bornstein 13.00 IN
167 Gender Shock Phyllis Burke 14.00 IN
486 Lady Boys, Tom Boys, Rent Boys Peter Jackson, Gerard Sullivan (Eds.) 19.95 IN
467 PoMoSexuals Carol Queen & Lawrence Schimel (Eds) 14.95 IN
198 Sex Changes Pat Califia 16.95 IN
494 Sex, Gender & Sexuality Dr. Tracie O'Keefe 22.95 IN
196 The Spirit & The Flesh Walter L. Williams 16.00 IN
420 Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue Leslie Feinberg 20.00 IN
442 Transgender Warriors Leslie Feinberg 20.00 IN
465 Who's Really From Venus Peggy J. Rudd 15.95 IN
457 Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys Who Want to be Girls Veronica Vera 15.00 IN
21 The Cross Dresser and His Wife Virginia Prince 12.00 IN
22 Understanding Cross Dressing Virginia Prince 12.00 IN
26 Art and Illusion Vol. 1--Face & Hair JoAnn Roberts 15.00 IN
40 Art and Illusion Vol. 2--Fashion & Style JoAnn Roberts 15.00 IN
53 Art and Illusion Vol. 3--Behaving as a Woman JoAnn Roberts 15.00 IN
147 Aspects of Gender Lesley Gordon 14.95 IN
490 Creating a Feminine Carriage Elaine Sagant 12.95 IN
23 How to be a Woman Though Male Virginia Prince 14.00 IN
463 Making Faces Kevyn Aucoin 29.95 IN
22 Understanding Crossdressing Virginia Prince 12.00 IN

Crossdresser's Biographies
27 Geraldine Monica Jay 15.95 IN
181 I Am My Own Woman Charlotte Von Mahlsdorf 12.99 IN
239 The Phallus Palace: Female to Male Transsexuals Dean Kotula 19.95 IN
945 Transsexuals: Life from Both Sides Lynn Hubschman, ADSW 21.00 IN
195 Changes: Understanding the Gender Role Transition Dianna Cicotello 10.00 IN
124 Feelings Stephanie Castle 19.95 IN
493 Je Me Souviens Jean Vermette 10.00 IN
175 Transsexuals: Candid Answers Gerald Ramsey, Ph.D. 24.95 IN
185 True Selves Mildred L. Brown & Chloe Ann Rounsley 24.95 IN
113 The Uninvited Dilemma Kim E. Stuart 14.95 IN
201 The Tranny Guide 9th Edition 2001-2002 NEW! Way Out Publishing 24.95 IN

Transsexuals' Biographies
Call Crossing - A Memoir Deirdre N. McCloskey 25.00 IN
447 Raised by Wolves: A TS Diary Melanie Anne Phillips 19.95 IN
470 Suits Me: The Double Life of Billy Tipton Diane Wood Middlebrook 25.00 IN
111 Coping With Crossdressing JoAnn Roberts, Ph.D. 13.00 IN
21 The Cross-Dresser and His Wife Virginia Prince 12.00 IN
159 Crossdressers & Those Who Share Their Lives Peggy Rudd, EdD. 14.95 IN
42 Crossdressing With Dignity Peggy Rudd, EdD. 12.95 IN
31 My Husband Wears My Clothes Peggy Rudd, Ed.D 14.95 IN
460 Our Trans Children Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) 1.00 IN
156 S/He Minnie Bruce Pratt 10.95 IN
481 Trans Forming Families Mary Boenke 13.95 IN
16 Wives, Partners & Others edited by Jan and Diane Dixon 10.00 IN
169 The Bliss of Becoming One Rachael Miller 12.95 IN
449 Two Spirit People Lester B. Brown, PhD. 12.95 IN
Medical, Legal, Workplace, Church, etc.
166 Counseling in Genderland Neila Miller, MS, LCSW, LMHC 19.95 IN
440 Cross-Purposes: On Being Christian and Crossgendered Vanesa S. 17.95 IN
18 The Employer's Guide to Gender Transition Dianna Cicotello 10.95 IN
170 Feminizing Hormonal Therapy for the Transgendered Sheila Kirk, MD 16.95 IN
139 Gender Dysphoria Walter Bockting & Eli Coleman 19.95 IN
154 Identity Management in Transsexualism Dallas Denny 15.00 IN
36 Legal Aspects of Transsexualism Sr. Mary Elizabeth, SSE 10.00 IN
161 Medical, Legal and Workplace Issues for the Transsexual Sheila Kirk, MD and Maritine Aliana Rothblatt, JD 18.95 IN
482 Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Peggy Huddleston 14.95 IN
14 Religion and Transvestism IFGE (ed) 5.00 IN
29 Speaking As A Woman  Alison Laing 10.00 IN
455 Transgender Care Gianna Israel & Donald Tarver II, MD 39.95 IN
41 The Transsexual's Survival Guide JoAnn Altman Stringer 15.00 IN
117 The Transsexual's Survival Guide II JoAnn Altman Stringer 10.00 IN
476 Transsexual Workers Janis Walworth 16.00 IN
190 Writing Successful Self-Help & How-to Books Jean Marie Stine 10.00 IN
188 Body Alchemy Loren Cameron 24.95 IN
32 Transformations Mariette Pathy Allen 19.95 IN
Fiction and Poetry
496 The Danish Girl David Ebershoff 24.95 IN
466 Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil John Berendt 24.50 IN
458 Queen's Champion: Lancelot Retold Cris Newport 11.95 IN
179 Sacred Country Rose Tremain 10.00 IN
151 Stone Butch Blues Leslie Feinberg 12.95 IN
118 To Be A Woman Jerry/Jerri McClain 15.95 IN
441 Trans-Scriptions - 1996 Gender Identity Center of Colorado 9.95 IN
Audio and Video
au-235 What's Inside of Me Davetta Magnes 11.95 IN
au-240 TS Man (Audio Cassette) James Green 9.95 IN
cd-232 Play to Win (Compact Disc) Pamela Davis 12.99 IN
vi-101 Husbands & Wives, Best Friends & Lovers--Dealing with Crossdressing in Relationships (Video) prod. by Donna Mobley 30.00 IN
vi-102 Metamorphosis: Man into Woman (Video) documentary of Gary's change to Gaby 39.95 IN



Speaking as a Woman (Video)

Speaking as a Woman (Book)

Alison Laing



vi-104 Art & Illusion--Tricks and Tips (Video) JoAnn Roberts 30.00 IN
vi-105 Ladylike Deportment (Video) Paula Jordan Sinclair 30.00 IN
vi-113 I am Who I Am (Video) Sam LaHanna 15.00 IN
vi-136 Art & Illusion--Basic Makeup (Video) JoAnn Roberts 30.00 IN




Melanie Speaks (Video)

On Developing a Female Voice (CD)

On Developing a Female Voice (Cassette)

Melanie Ann Phillips

24.95 (VIDEO)

19.95 (CD)

14.95 (Cassette)

vi-150 Gender 101 (Video) prod. by IFGE 29.95 IN
vi-165 An Evening with Dr. Stanley Biber MTFTechnique (Video) Stanley Biber MD 30.00 IN
vi-166 An Evening with Dr. Stanley Biber FTM Technique (Video) Stanley Biber MD 30.00 IN
vi-212 Fluid Boundaries (Video) Wendell Collier and Miqqi Gilbert 14.95 IN

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