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Changes . . .
Understanding the Gender-Role Transition

Dianna Cicotello


28 Pages

From the Cover

This booklet has been created to provide information on the most common concerns that arise when a co-worker, one of your work-friends, makes a gender-role transition on the job.

This booklet has also proven useful in answering the many question of family members, relatives, friends, and others who need or want to know more about this phenomenon.

It is important to note that this handbook was written to reflect a male-to-female gender-role transition, because that is the more common transition.  The information and concepts presented are equally valid for a person transition from female-to-male; however, for clarity these are contained in a separate edition.

Table of Contents

The first section provides a quick summary of the facts.

Section 2 provides more in-depth information.  It attempts to answer the specific questions that are most commonly asked about this change process.

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