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Confessions Of A Gender Defender

Randi Ettner, Ph.D.

1996, Chicago Spectrum Press

151 Pages

From the Introduction

"Gender is the most misunderstood topic of our times." Freud made a similar statement over 70 years ago and Dr. Ettner reminds us that it is still true.  In spite of gender's mysteries and voyeuristic possibilities, Dr. Ettner goes far in helping us to close the imposing empathy gap that inevitably exists between sex-gender congruent and incongruent persons.  For that reason alone, this delightful book should be read in one sitting by anyone who comes into contact with transgendered persons - helping professionals, family members, friends, clergy, civil servants, and "significant others."

Dr. Ettner reminds us that to provide care and understanding for gender-conflicted persons often requires novel approaches to making oneself available to a stigmatized, often fearful population.

From The Cover 

"A remarkable book!  In turn, heartbreaking and hilarious.  It captures the joy and pain of people discovering their true identity.  Dr. Ettner manages the difficult task of making us empathize - rather than sympathize - with these special people." - Tim Kazurinsky, "Saturday Night Live," screenwriter of About Last Night

"Simultaneously hilarious and tear-jerking.  Dr. Ettner, a kind of upscale Mother Theresa to the transgendered, enlightens us about what really causes people to suddenly change sex at age forty - and how we should react to it.  A must read for therapists, transgenderists, talk show watchers, and any culturally cool person of the 1990's." - Martine Rothblatt, Bioethics Committee, International Bar Association, author of  The Apartheid of Sex: A Manifesto on the Freedom of Gender.

Table of Contents

  1. Media Attention: The Prying Game
  2. Better Dead than Read
  3. Beginnings
  4. Plastics
  5. Better Late Than Never
  6. Clothes Don't Make the Man
  7. Kentucky: Genuine Risk
  8. Zombies
  9. The Self: A House Divided
  10. For Better or For Worse
  11. Dream On

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