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Coping With Crossdressing:
Tools & Strategies For Partners In Committed Relationships

JoAnn Roberts, Ph.D.

1995 (3rd ed.), Creative Design Services

84 Pages

From the Cover

It's time that someone put crossdressing into perspective when it comes to transvestites and their partners.  Too often, a woman is expected to simply accept her partner's crossdressing without really understanding his behavior or the issues involved.  That's what this book is all about: understanding.

This book looks at crossdressing from both sides of the relationship, discussing the issues that arise for both partners.  Then, suggests positive ways for both partners to cope with the behavior.  It stresses communication, negotiation and compromise.   This is a serious book for every couple struggling with the role of crossdressing in their lives.

This third edition includes Perspective essays from crossdressers and their partners on such subjects as religion, self-esteem, children, sexuality, and divorce.  These essays add personal experience to the solid advice already here.

Table of Contents

Introduction - A Brief History of Crossdressing

Ch 1:  Working Definitions - Crossdressing / Transvestism / Transsexualism / Transgenderist

Ch 2:  Sex & Gender . . . the confusion continues - Sex / Sex Roles / Sexual Orientation / Gender Roles / Gender Identity

Ch 3:  How It Starts . . . Maybe - How Sex Is Determined / The Brain As A Sex Organ / Nature vs Nurture / Summary

Ch 4:  Social Issues - Stigma / Status / Perspective: Christianity, The Christian Church, And The Crossdresser / Perspective: Living In A Box

Ch 5:  How Transvestites Feel About Themselves - Self-Image / Guilt 41 / Isolation

CH 6:  Partner's Issues - Guilt by Association / Sexual Orientation / Loss of Intimacy / Partner's Self-Esteem / Competition / Partner Responses to Crossdressing / Perspective: Sex And the Single Transvestite / Rejection / A Suggestion / The Matter of Children / Perspective: Children and Crossdressing - Sailing an Uncharted Sea

Ch 7:  Strengthening The Relationship - Why Tell? / When & How to Tell / Some Guidelines for Telling Your Partner / Coping Strategies /Some General Guidelines for Negotiation / Some Specific Issues for Negotiation / Perspective: Sex and the Married TV / Perspective: Divorce and the Transvestite

Ch 8:  Questions & Answers

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