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Crossdressing With Dignity:
Case for Transcending Gender Lines

Peggy J. Rudd, Ed.D

1990, PM Publishers

162 Pages

From the Cover

The Scottish male wears a kilt, but is society ready for men who openly express femininity?  This is the question that was asked in a survey used as the basis for this book.  Can a man transcend gender lines and maintain his own sense of self-worth and dignity?

From an early age boys are taught to follow  stereotypes of maleness.  When   inner desire to express femininity exerts a greater force that  desire to live up to the appropriate image for masculinity, conflict may develop.  This provocative book addresses these conflicts and provides solutions.

Table of Contents

CH. 1 - Introduction

The meaning of dignity / The basis for the  book / Who needs this book? / What is the purpose of this book? / How do you use this book?

CH. 2 - In Quest of Dignity

A walk through judgment / The dilemma / The clothing issues / The dream of acceptance / A social nightmare / A personal commitment / The life script / Live one day at a time / Where to from here?


CH. 3 - Overcoming Obstacles

Balancing the masculine and the feminine / Self-Acceptance / Fix what is broken; enjoy what is not / Stop and smell the roses / Some of our challenges / Getting along with your wife or S.O. / Learning to pass / Educating crossdressers and the world around them

CH. 4 -  Emotional Impact of Crossdressing

An urge too strong to be forgotten / Traditional views / Breaking down gender walls / Emotional stages of crossdressers / Denial / Hostility or anger / Fear / Guilt / Positive emotions / Marlboros or tears?

CH. 5 - Breaking Out of Self-Imprisonment

The meaning of freedom / The meaning of imprisonment / The keys to freedom / Key number one: camaraderie / Key number two: laughter / Key number three: self-determination / Key number four: confidence

CH. 6 - Developing Better Relationships

Relationships outside the family / Relationships within the family / How to tell your wife / Emotion: the basis for relationships / Role models / Fight by the rules / Learn from mistakes / An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure / Family remains tops / Even pain can help you grow

CH. 7 - Moving Beyond Guilt

"May the court please come to order!" / Count one of indictment: failure to live up to social expectations / Count two of indictment: misappropriation of funds / Count three of indictment: withholding evidence / Count four of indictment: failure as a parent / Count five of indictment: mistaken identity / Closing arguments / May we have the verdict, please

CH. 8 - Fear - The Great Crippler

Fear of rejection / Fear of taking risks / Fear of  future / Fear of being read / Fear of losing your job / Fear of bringing harm to the family / Fear of losing aggressive traits / Crossdressing and  need for punishment / Crossdressers share their feelings about fear / Moral issues / How crossdressers have overcome fear

CH. 9 - Self-Acceptance, Find It Within Or Find It Not

On becoming / Steps to finding self-acceptance / Step one, discover your own value / Step two, accept both masculine and feminine parts of the personality / Step three, don't wait for understanding. Move on to acceptance / Step four, work through negative emotions / Step five, read to find truth about crossdressing / Step six, associate with others like you / Step seven, look inward for guidance and truth / Step eight, seek professional help when needed / Step nine, be true to yourself / Step ten, permit yourself to find pleasure in femininity / Step eleven, know the need to crossdress will not go away / Step twelve, don't let the opinions of others rob you of self-acceptance / Step thirteen, continue to grow

CH. 10 - You Are Never Alone

Nature abhors a vacuum / Let the wounds heal / Be true to yourself / Reach out and touch someone

CH. 11 - Being The Best You Can Be

This is your life / Replace the storm with a rainbow / As the bluebirds fly / Self-improvement / Reflections

CH. 12 - Research Summary

Statement of the problem / Procedures for the research / Description of the sample / Analytical technique / Findings, conclusions, and implications / Dignity begins with self-acceptance / A dignified life is seldom lonely / Obstacles can be overcome / Learn to deal with fear / Learn to recognize true guilt / Improve human relationships / Summary

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