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Feelings: A Transsexual's Explanation of a Baffling Condition

Stephanie Castle

1992, Perceptions Press (B.C.)

219 Pages

From the Introduction

What is this enigma: this mysterious condition called transsexualism?  Is it something dark, dirty, and devilish?  Is it something which should arouse fear, prejudice and loathing?  Or is it a matter of fact, to be confronted by intelligent, thinking and sensitive people who can accommodate themselves to viewing it with sympathy and understanding?  These, of course, are all rhetorical questions which embrace the scope of my book and hopefully as it proceeds, the far from simple answers involved can be developed to the satisfaction of the reader.

About the Author

Born and educated in England, but a Canadian citizen for more years than she cares to remember, the author comes from a very masculine background, having always engaged in typical male pursuits, which for her made the change that much more difficult.  Twice married with a grown family, she is grateful for the support and understanding generated by her family, and her immediate social and business circle, without which her experience would have been deeply painful.  She acknowledges the input of a strong professional medical team who have helped her through this transition, and she feels for people who find themselves in a less fortunate position, in terms of support, acceptance and understanding as well as access to competent professional help.  The thrust of her book, which is summarised by its title is to help people understand the obstacles and challenges faced by people with the transsexual condition.

She is an established, published writer and author in fields totally unrelated to this subject.  Her most fervent hope is that this book will help build bridges of tolerance and objective thinking, in a subject area which has been dismissed, as being anything but what it truly is, by a multitude of people, many of whom should know better.   Above all, having come through this experience she is at peace with herself, and her personal world.

Table of Contents

  1. Transsexualism: The Basis of Understanding.
  2. Transsexuals are Born not Made
  3. Prisoner in a Glass Cage
  4. Achieving a Self-Understanding
  5. Professional Input: A most necessary Stewardship
  6. Is there a Right and a Wrong Way to Handle Personal Relationships?
  7. Ethical, Religious and Legal Considerations
  8. The Testimony of Peter: Developing a Sustainable Philosophy
  9. Behavior Patterns: Adjusting to a New Role
  10. When is a Transsexual no longer a Transsexual?
  11. The Realities of Becoming a Woman
  12. Is there Happiness at the End of the Rainbow

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