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Feminizing Hormonal Therapy for the Transgendered

Sheila Kirk, M.D.

1996, Together Lifeworks

84 Pages

From the Cover

This expanded and updated version of Hormones, the most highly-read and recommended book on contragendered hormonal therapy for the Male to Female transgendered individual is a must-read for all those seeking to feminize.  Vital, accurate and up-to-date information on safe and effective hormonal regimens, realistic expectations and possible complications are outlined.  Natural hormones, measurements & self-exam guidelines and answers to the most commonly asked questions are also featured.

Table of Contents

  1. A Little Anatomy and Biochemistry
  2. The Hormones-Estrogen and Progesterone in the Genetic Female
  3. The Hormone, Testosterone, in the Genetic Male
  4. Your Doctor's Evaluation of You for a Feminization Program
  5. The Feminization Process
  6. Possible Annoyances and Problems Experienced on an Estrogen Regimen
  7. Problems and Annoyances You Might Experience on Progesterone
  8. Medications Available and Regimens in Current Use
  9. Periodic Monitoring on a Feminization Regimen
  10. Measurements - A Way to Evaluate Progress
  11. Questions Commonly Asked
  12. Self-Breast Examination



Readers' Comments



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Charlotte L MacLeod  tabby388@yahoo.com

Everything I have read on HRT is driving me nuts .Your damed if you do and damed if you don't. One will cause cancer /as opposed to one won't the one that won't will in turn cause hairloss or mood swings everyone is differant and everyone wants a quick fix a right now answer to the problems of menapuse ..hot flashes ..sleeples nights..fatigue ..like an article I just read about one woman ..her GRANDMOTHER lived to be 80 with no HRT..So what's up with that?I would give anything to get out of this hormone hell as well as anyone else ..we depend on the medical science for all the answers. No matter what bottom line we aren't getting out of this world alive .but while we are here would like to live!!!!NORMALLY.I guestamate about all this HRT that some where ..someone is adding chemicals to our food or water or even the air ...to give us all this grief and even men becoming impotent at too early of an age starting in thier 30's ...There ARE some chemical genious'S living very well at millions of others lives and well being at stake ...There are cures for most anything out there but it's the $$$$ GAME gee if some one was cured of cancer /heart desease/ and numerous other deseases just think how much longer people would live and the pharmicutical co's and our own gov. would have to take a cut in pay ................ and live like the rest of us ... I bet anyone who reads this has stood in health food stores, and read for at least 1/2 hr to and hour about natural cures , and need a magnifying glass to read it all much less understand it ..and depend on the clerk that makes minimum wage to give you a true and honest answer ..mmmm ..yes that will work and not harm you .. WHERE DOES IT ALL END ???????????????????

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Janne  Janne@sissify.com

To enlarge your breasts using herbs takes about one year. Your entire body shape will be feminized as higher hips rounded forms female breast The best herbs is mixing Black Cohosh ( works like estrogen ) 500 mg 2-4 tablets/day Dong Quang (+body estrorgen uptake ) 500 mg 2-4 tablets/day Wild Jam ( .. Progesterone ) 500 mg 2-4 tablets/day alfalafa ( makes your breast grow more) 500 mg 2-4 tablets/day Saw Palmetto ( Anti Androgen ) 500 mg 2-4 tablets/day Using this combination is a god start for you to see wether you really want continuing changing to female. After one year using this herbs you may contact a endicronolgist for getting real hormones and estrogen therapy. I have taken the mixing for one year and have added Premarine 1 mg 2 tablets/day and it works fine. You can order Premarine ( Conjugatet Estrogen ) on the net. This Hormone is common using for femination and takes about half year to get great results. I wanted to becom feminine adding female breast bu still be a male. Now i am satisfied but not shure if a will continuing to change to female completely. I wich you god luck And have patient. Because it will gradually change you and you will have a hard year in front of you because mode swings. A good advise is that you wisit a Physician to get Antidepression medicines before or under Hormone Treatment. You may wisit www.sissify.com Regards Janne

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Briana  excite.com

I've been on and off hormons for almost a year. The first time I had sensitivity while developing under my nipple, this time I already had breast tissue their, so what I want to know is if the sensitivity will come back? any one else have ex. on going on and off hormons?

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Crystina  Blacktiger20@hotmail.com

I would like to talk a little about what I know if that is anything at all. I have been diagnosed as transexual by some of Canadas best doctor here in Edmonton, AB. It was about 10 years ago that it all started for me. I was put on a hormone regime, and I'm very disappointed with the outcome of what these hormones did for me. My breast size hasn't increased very much over a 10 year period, but non the less I do have breast development, big deal. What I was expecting was to at least see some femininity of my face and body by now. I wonder now if anything is going to happen in the feminine department. Another thing that is holding me back from completing the change of sex, is funding, the lack of. I still have a great deal of facial hair, and this costs to much for me to have removed. Also the cost of surgery to remove this appendage that just hangs there doing really nothing at all these days. It seems to me now what a mistake I made to try and change my sex, because I don't have the funds to aquire the changes that are required to become female. For those of you who think about getting into this situation, think about what you are doing. Canada, with all its so called medical help, I say what help!! I'm stuck in the middle and no help to become who I'm suppose to be. If you know of a way for me to become who I'm suppose to be, please share your thoughts and knowledge. Thank you!!! Crystina

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Doctor's Help  tipton.sharon@osu.edu

I have a comment for all the people below. The first step in dealing with your desires is to find someone that you can trust, be it a medical professional or at least a loved one, and discuss your desires with this person. Do not pursue your desires if you are unable to discuss them with someone else. Sooner or later, the self-diagnosis will either cause side-effects, medical complications, or at least some development that WILL BE NOTICABLE> What do you expect to do in then? At some point you will have to deal with the underlying problem so seek someone now. Don't wait and search for free pills on the internet - talk to someone that you trust in a real face-to-face discussion. Trust in yourself and your instincts, you know this is not the way to get the happiness you desire. When you are ready and have some support from friends or loved ones, see a medical professional. It is a long journey not started as a whim. Pain is all around us and I sympathize, seek solace in someone close first - then take the smart route. Good luck and love to all.

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Briana  Briana@excite.con

I posted earlyier about coming on and off hormons. It seems every time I start to see the effects I'm scared away! I'm starting them again this week, after about 5 months away from hormons. I still have substanchule development in my left breast and a little on my right breast. Even after 5 months away I can still see the tenting! Make sure this is what you want because it's their for a long time! I have lost most of the sensitivity in my breasts but in my exsperiance it only takes about 1 to 2 weeks back on my premarin to start to reawakin them! I allso use the suction misstress breast pump wich realy helps speed things up by forceing more blood into the breast their for more estrogen also comes in! Well I'll write back soon if any one wants to post any qustions for me of addvise I'll see ya then!

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MJ  ytoobgib@hotmail.com

If you people want hormones, I can give you all advice on how and where to get them, but first, I think you all need to learn how to spell. Hormones really do work, but they are also very dangerous, so be careful when you start taking them. The right dosage will give you breasts, a larger butt,and more fat on your hips. Too much hormone will give you a heart attack and possibly death.

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Pedro Daniel Salinas Fernandez  gis22trani@hotmail.com

This is an excellent book, i took some regimens from it and now my breast and voice are quite feminine, and my chest, butt, and axillary hair have almost gone!!!!

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robin  robinrollin2003@yahoo.com

Would like to hear from a few who have grown breast,Does your erection go down as your breast go up ? I too dream of having breast but my girlfriend would not be happy if I can't please her too ! thanks robin...

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Rodney Bartlett  rodney1956@dodo.com.au

Hi girls! I've been typing phrases into search engines, hoping to find some websites that will help those who appreciate feminisation. These are the best sites I discovered (some are cheap, too). Good luck!! Rodney (Karen) http://www.annelawrence.com/internethormones.html http://sexchangeasia.com/ http://www.bangkokplasticsurgery.com/sex-change-surgery.html http://www.albany-gender-clinic.com/main.html http://www.annelawrence.com/twr/ http://www.transformation.co.uk/

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Help for the desperate 

Do a web search for Synovex-S. It is an agricultural hormone that provides both estradiol and progesterone in large doses. It is relatively cheap. It does not require a prescription, and you can order it from vet supply websites. (You can also find it in farm supply stores.) I have used it, it is very effective (and it seems to work very quickly). Don't go crazy with your dosage, however. Make sure you get Synovex-S _not_ Synovex-H (Synovex-H is testosterone).

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