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How To Be A Woman Though Male

Virginia Prince

1971, Sandy Thomas Publications

193 Pages

From the Cover

This is surely one of the most unusual books ever printed.  It deals with the idea of a male person becoming a woman.  Whether temporarily or permanently, most people would assume that any male who would do this would be either homosexual or transsexual (a sex change).

This book is written for a group of normally heterosexual men who admire and envy women so much that they greatly enjoy the opportunity to temporarily leave their everyday masculine selves behind and enter the fascinating world of femininity.  Most of them are married and most are fathers and they neither seek sex change surgery nor male bed partners.

This book "tells all" about the whole process of changing ones gender from masculine to feminine.  Not only does it completely cover the areas of clothing, make-up, jewelry and wigs, but also discusses at length feminine attitudes, behavior patterns, public conduct, and the legal aspects of cross-dressing.  It even has a chapter on full time change of gender.  It is literally a complete "how to" type book, presenting a detailed analysis of what it takes to be a woman in today's world.

The author knows all about the subject!  He was born a male (and still is).   Raised as a normal boy, he became a college athlete; earned a PH.D. in Science; was married twice and a father once.  He was president of his own corporation.   Finally after a second divorce and sale of his business, he decided to do permanently what he had done on frequent occasions throughout his adult life, namely to dress and "be" a woman.  Now in her eighties, "Virginia" has lived completely as a woman for over thirty years,.  She feels very happy and comfortable as a woman and more complete as a human being.  She has no desire to revert to her former life style.  In this book she passes on to others of the same persuasion, all the information and lessons that she had to learn the hard way in her own past life.  It is her hope that learning these things by easy reading rather than hard experience will simplify the lives of others life herself.

Table of Contents

1.  Introduction to Cross-Dressing

2. Physical Modifications of the Body
general factors, shaving, electrolysis, depilatories, plucking, wrinkles, chemical peels, bust, cleavage, hips, derriere, frontal area, legs, body hair, special hair

3. Your Crowning Glory - Your Wig
general, wig materials, types of construction, care of wigs, facial shapes, length and color, styling, professional services, summary

4. Cosmetics - Types and Proper Use
general comments, foundation and beard coverage, powder, cheek rouge, the eyes, eyebrow shaping, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, eyelashes, lipstick, misc., facial cosmetics, underarms, genital area, body powder, perfumes and colognes, hand lotion, cuticle softener, nail polish, nail dryer, polish removing, conclusion

5. Clothing and Costume
general, panties, bras, slips, girdles, foundations, dresses, sizing, blouses and skirts, slacks, shorts, skirt and pant suits, sweaters, coats, costume comments, h hosiery, shoes, slippers

6. Accessory Items
handbags, gloves, hats, scarves, belts

7. Jewelry and Ornamentation
necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, watches, pins and clips, scarf pins, buckles, misc.

8. Feminine Attitudes and Points of View
"Masculine" and "Feminine" traits

9. Behaviour Patterns
Carriage and Body Management, walking, standing, sitting, running, eating, drinking, vice and talking, driving, smoking and drinking, lifting, gestures

10. Public Conduct
general considerations, continuous public inspection, children, ladies rooms, shopping, general cautions

11. Legal Matters
general considerations, driving a car, driver's licenses, car registration and insurance, social security, bank accounts, credit cards, "DBAs", P.O. boxes, power of attorney, citizens I.D. cards, passports, legal name change, other legal matters

12. Sex and Gender
general explanation and clarification

13.  Change of Gender - Full Time Woman

14. Change of Sex Through Surgery

Readers' Comments


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It is a spectacular how-to book! This lady doesn't get caught up in the sophistry, but she get's down to the point and answers exactly the questions that older TGs (specially coming late to the game) want and need!