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Identity Management in Transsexualism

Dallas Denny, M.A.

1994, Creative Design Services

68 Pages plus Appendices

From the Introduction

Sex reassignment is a process of physical, social, and legal change whereby an individual transitions living day-to-day as a member of one gender and begins to live as a member of the other gender.  This process is hardly instantaneous: typically, transsexual people go through years and sometimes decades of self-doubt and denial.   This gives way to a period of exploration and increasing self-acceptance which for some results in the decision to pursue sex reassignment.

Even once this decision is made, identity does not change overnight.  Only after a long period of therapy, medical treatment, and exploration does the individual begin to live full-time in the new gender role.  And only after the individual has lived and functioned in the new gender role for an extended period of time is he or she eligible for sex reassignment surgery.

This book is about the legal changes you will need to make.  Together, we will journey down the paper trail - the morass of legal and other documents which serve to identify you, and which must be rearranged in such a way that your former existence will not be accidentally revealed.  I'll discuss, among other things, how to select a name, how to legally make it yours, how to change documents to reflect your new name and gender, and how to rearrange your employment, credit, and personal history so that your paperwork will not make your transsexualism readily apparent to others.

Table of Contents

Shades of Gray
Sex Reassignment: What is Involved?
Implementing Your Name: I
Implementing Your Name: II
Changing the Sex Designation on Your Documents: I
Your Resume: Passport to a New Job
Past References
Your New Passport
Changing the Sex Designation on Your Documents: II
Estate Planning
Government Agencies
Marriage and Divorce
The Church
Wrapping UP

A: Sample Letters from A. Therapist
B: Names Which Can Be Used by Both Men and Women
C: Examples of Name Change Forms for Georgia
D: Sample Identification Card
E: Places to Contact When Changing Name/Sex Designation
F: Sample Resumes
G: U.S. Passport Policy for T ranssexual Persons
H: Addresses To Contact When Changing U.S. Military Records

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