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The Importance of Wearing Clothes

Lawrence Langner

1991, Elysium Growth Press

347 Pages

From the Cover

Here is the classic history of clothing that helped inspire a bold, young generation of fashion designers to create the controversial and often outrageous styles of the 1960s and '70s - thus opening the doors for the coming of the mini-skirt, the topless bathing suit, and the unisex look!

Now Lawrence Langner's influential work is back in print, updated and revised by fashion designer/historian Julian Robinson to preserve the integrity of the original edition and provide new thought-provoking insights about the past three tumultuous decades of the Fashion Revolution and its impact on modern society.

The Importance of Wearing Clothes is as much a statement about the evolution of the human condition as it is a survey of the origins, functions, and meaning of clothing and fashion.  It is compelling and essential reading for social scientists, students, historians, librarians, archivists and all those who cover and adorn their bodies!

"Langner's reasons why we wear clothes - or don't wear them - are classics.   Get set for a romp through some hilarious (and painlessly erudite) history!" - Dr. Jack Handford, Associate Chair of the Department of Fashion Design

"Langner is firmly convinced that without the invention of clothes and all the psychological consequences that have flowed therefrom, civilization would never have progressed as far as it has!  A Stimulating book!" - James Laverr, The Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Over 350 illustrations in B&W and color.

Table of Contents

1 - Why We Wear Clothes
Man, the Tailor-Made God
Invention and the Evolution of Clothes

2 - Clothes and Sex
Clothes and Sexual Stimulation
Clothes to Distinguish the Sexes
Clothes and Modesty
Clothes and Nudism

3 - Clothes and Civilization
Clothes and Evolution
Clothes, Religions and Cultures
Clothes and Government

4 - Clothes and Social Conduct
Clothes and Behavior
Clothes, Mass Emotion and Communication
Clothes and the Law
Clothes and Conformity

5 - Clothes and Functional Improvements
Clothes to Improve Upon Nature
Our Versatile Head Coverings
Our Versatile Underwear and Bedwear

6 - Clothes and the Arts
Clothes and the Performing Arts
Clothes in Dance, Fantasy and the Fine Arts

7 - Conclusions
Fashions and Foolishness
Clothing and the Future

8 - Addendum
Changing Influences and Changing Attitudes by Julian Robinson DesRCA, FRSA

Readers' Comments




eBeth  babyPB@beachestoronto.com

Picked this book up on a whim, and discovered a wonderful world! History, clothing, religion, politics, sex - all the things we love to talk, and argue, about! It really is a marvellous book.

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Elsa Pardo  eipardo@bellsouth.net

Excellent book.

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arjumand rizvi  neenuriz@yahoo.com

you should have included social and psychological importance of fashion in clothing