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Making Faces

Kevyn Aucoin

1997, Little, Brown and Company

160 Pages

From The Cover

For more than a decade, Kevyn Aucoin has been The makeup artist of choice for fashion and entertainment royalty.  But Kevyn believes that makeup gives everyone The power to transform Themselves and try out new personas.  His new book, Making Faces, starts with unbeatable tips on The basics of makeup application and technique.  Then he shows you how to use These fundamentals in all kinds of interesting and unconventional ways, with step-by-step directions for dozens of different looks.  Making Faces also features instructional full-color sketches with each face, a gallery of noncelebrity transformations, and, of course, fabulous images of more than a score of stars and supermodels as you've never seen Them before.  If you want to look your best, be creative, try some new ideas - and have fun doing it - Kevyn Aucoin's Making Faces is The book for you.

Cher  - Kevie isn't a makeup man, he's a magician.  He creates an atmosphere of beauty mixed with magic.

Tina Turner - I have worked with Kevyn for over a decade and he is The only makeup artist I've let touch my face.  (In the past I had always done my own makeup.,)   Kevyn's progression of work over The years has elevated makeup to an art form.

Table of Contents

Making The Face - skincare and preparation, facial structure, foundation powder, concealer, shading and highlighting, cosmetic surgery, brows, covering The brows, bleaching The brows, eyes, eyeliner, eyelashes, lips, blush and finishing touches, simplicity, neutral, shimmer, dramatic, colorful, glamorous, defining, softness, classical, sensual

A Gathering - Sandy Franklin, Vanessa Brook, Margarita & Gigi  Solis, Dawn Brown, Kimberly Trahan, Thelma Aucoin, Alpana Bawa, Denise Vasi & Lauren-Claire, Joy Middlebrook, Catherine Sherman, Jay Swanson

Great Looks - The Innocent, The Vamp, The Flapper, The Starlet, The Sophisticate, The Temptress, The Siren, The Exotique, The Heroine, The Bombshell, The Icon, The Gamine, The Chanteuse, The Diva, The Ingenue, The Swinger, The Biba, The Model, The Showgirl, The Player, The Anarchist, The Purist, The Enigma, The Minimalist

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Lisa Marie Presley

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