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Medical, Legal & Workplace Issues for the Transsexual

Sheila Kirk, M.D. & Martine Rothblatt, J.D.

1995, Together Lifeworks

148 Pages


This book was conceived with the earnest desire to give to the transsexual individual guidelines and assistance as he or she moves through this very special time in their lives.  We have taken three distinct periods in which we feel special problems should be addressed and discussed.  These are:

  1. The transition period or time of real life test.
  2. The surgical experience and the immediate hospital convalescence.
  3. The late convalescence and life thereafter.

Medical, legal and work place concerns and problems that occur in these periods of time are identified and discussed as they appear in these time frames.  Quite a lot has been written for the transsexual about some of these considerations, but often with fiction or myth associated and always inconclusive and limited.

Our intent is to reach out to you with accuracy and with a scope that will leave very little untouched and unconsidered.

Table of Contents

Part I - Medical Issues

A. Pre-transition Period

B. The Transition or Real Life Test Period
- The Psychologic Evaluation - M-F/F-M
- The Medical Evaluation - M-F/F-M
- Baseline Physical Exam. of the M-F
- Baseline Physical Exam. of the F-M
- Laboratory Evaluation During Transition - M-F/F-M
- Hormonal Regimen for the M-F
- Expectations for the M-F on Hormones
- Potential Problems and Complications for the M-F on Hormones
- Hormonal Regimen for the F-M
- Expectations for the F-M on Hormones
- Potential Problems and Complications for the F-M on Hormonal Therapy

B. The Surgical Experience and Early Convalescence
- A Discussion about your Surgeon
- The Hospital Admission
- M-F Reassignment Surgery
- F-M Reassignment Surgery
- After Surgery - Acute or in Hospital Convalescence - M-F/F-M

D. The Late Convalescence and Life There After
- The Late Convalescence - M-F/F-M
- Life Thereafter

Part II - Legal Issues

E. The Law and the Transsexual During Transition
- Change of Name
- Change of Documentation
- Marital Rights or Divorce
- The Washroom Issue

F. The Law and the Transsexual During The Surgical Experience and Early Convalescence
- Informed Consent
- Postoperative Legal Notifications

G. The Law and the Transsexual During the Late Convalescence and in Life Thereafter

Part III - Workplace Issues

H. The Transition Period
- Preliminary Remarks
- Considerations for the Male to Female
- Considerations for the Female to Male

I. After Surgery in Early Convalescence

J. In Late Convalescence and Life Thereafter

Readers' Comments

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David Gould  rambo@usol.com

It sure sounds like a very good book to have and read.I think that I'll order one myself.

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I have read this book and consider it a great source for those transsexuals who are just beginning transition. The book provides a general overview of most issues that transsexuals face and will face during and after transition. I recommend this book to all transsexuals who are just beginning transition or just coming out.