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To Be A Woman

Jerry/Jerri McClain

1992, Different Path Press

184 Pages

From the Cover

Those opening words of this new book set the scene for one of the most unusual stories every told, written by a successful novelist, husband and father!

"Every adult of every sexual persuasion should read this book.   You'll learn more in the 2-3 hours spent with this book than in years of trying to experience and understand how others really feel."


Jerry Jennings is not my real name.

Neither is Jerri McClain.

But in the last few years I've lived with both names.  I've lived as two separate people.  I've lived as a man and as a woman.

Let me explain.

You, or someone in your family, have probably read one of my books.   Or perhaps you've seen me interviewed in the magazine sections of such newspapers as the Chicago Tribune, the San Francisco Examiner, the Honolulu Advertiser, and, yes even the New York Times.

You would probably know my novels - you would if you enjoy a combination of love stories and thrillers.

But when you read this book you'll understand why I couldn't use my real name here, or, indeed, use my real name in the two lives that I led.  If my real name were known, a number of people would be embarrassed, as you'll soon see.  I might lose some credibility as an author - and perhaps a great deal of money in royalties for future book sand columns.  (On the other hand, maybe I would become more popular - but who can take the chance?)

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