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Trans-Scriptions, 1996:
A Collection of Stories, Poems and Artwork by, for & about the Transgendered Community, So that you may know us.

Gender Identity Center of Colorado, Inc (Ed.)

1996, Morris Publishing

107 Pages

From the Preface

Trans-Scriptions was conceived nearly a year ago, as a wonderful way to tell our story.  That is, the story of people in the transgendered community, and their families and friends, as shared through poetry, artwork, and short stories.  Some of the works included in this book will make you cry, and some will make you laugh.  Collectively they should help you better appreciate the experiences, fears, and joys that fill the lives of the cross-dressers, transvestites, drag queens, transsexuals (both female-to-male and male-to-female) who wrote them. . . .

All of this work is funded by donations, membership fees and door fees for meetings and seminars sponsored by the Center.  Your purchase of this book will help continue the work that enables people to be themselves, free of shame and guilt.  It will also allow the wider community to be better informed about what it is to be transgendered and how relationships are affected, and hopefully to better appreciate diversity - the special, innate capabilities and aspirations that each person carries around inside.

Contributing Authors and Artists

Tina A, Julia Cybele Lansberry, Susan Conder, Pamela DeGroff, Penny DeLane, Dallas Denny, Debi Easterday, Dr. Randi Ettner, Deb Fifield, V. Figiel, April-Lynne Fowler, Leslie Hehrer, Karen Hewitt, Deirdre Jackson, Phaedra Kelly, Mitzi Delaune LaBarre, Laura Darlene Lansberry, Carolee Laughton, K.R. Lee, Linda, Midnight D. Lott, Jennileigh Love, Stacey McVeigh, Anette, Nichols, Felix D. Osborn, Mary D. Peterson, Roxann Salem, Laura Anne Seabrooke, Sandi Smith, Adrianne Walker, Kathleen Waters, Kathy Wilson, Amanda Woolf

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