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Understanding Cross-Dressing

Virginia Prince

1976, Sandy Thomas Publications

145 Pages

From the Cover

This book has been published to serve two different purposes for two different groups of people.  Not surprisingly the two groups are (1) those who are cross dressers, and (2) those who are not.  The needs of these two groups are different; those who cross dress already know what it is like and the satisfactions they obtain from that behavior pattern, but in many cases they don't have much understanding of why they do it.   Moreover, great numbers of cross dressers think that they are the only ones in the world who indulge in such activities.  Their needs therefore center around understanding themselves and becoming aware that there are vast numbers of other individuals who do exactly the same thing.

The non-cross dressers have a need to understand a behavior pattern exhibited by others.  Wives, parents, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, judges, teachers and just friends of someone who has been found to be a cross dresser need to know more about this pattern.  They need information in order to deal with their own feelings - if the cross dresser involved is someone in whom they have a personal interest, such as a child or a husband - or to know how to be of help to the individual if the relationship is impersonal.

Table of Contents

Understanding Cross Dressing - Introduction

Your Second Self - Toward an Understanding of Cross Dressing

Causes, Complications and "Cures" of Cross Dressing

Motivations, Satisfactions and Consequences

Understanding, Acceptance and Peace of Mind

What is Available to the Heterosexual Cross Dresser?

Virgin Views Editorials

  • "Me, Myself and I, or What Are You?"
  • "To or From, Emigrant or Fugitive"
  • "The Masculine-Feminine Game"
  • "The Girl Within Again"
  • "The Girl Within Again, Continued"
  • "Acceptance and Responsibility"
  • "Liberation - of You and Your Wife"
  • "Give Him and Inch - And He'll take It All"

Sexual and Genderal Identity

  • "You Can't Add by Subtraction" by Virginia
  • "Susanna Says" by Susanna
  • "What About Hormones" by Virginia
  • "Hormones and Surgery - Yes or No" by Betty
  • "Should I" by Anita
  • "Susanna Says - TS-sk" by Susanna
  • "Change of  - Sex or Gender?" by Virginia

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